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Information, Summary Advice and Referrals:

If you live anywhere in Grey or Bruce you can contact us at the numbers shown at the bottom of this page between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Monday to Friday. Caseworkers will be available during this time to answer your legal questions and/or make referrals for further assistance.


1. You must live in Grey or Bruce County.
2. You must meet our financial guidelines (those on Ontario Works or Ontario Disability automatically meet the guidelines) and
3. Your problem must be a "clinic law" problem.

"Clinic law" means areas of law which particularly affect low-income people such as social assistance (Ontario Works and Ontario Disability), rental housing and many government programs such as Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance. In these areas of law, we may be able to act for you in court or before a board or tribunal. We may also be able to assist you in representing yourself.

Other Services:

The Legal Clinic also participates in Public Legal Education providing presentations on areas of "clinic law" to specific groups or to the general public. In addition we have a wide assortment of free written legal information available in the waiting area of our office.
We also provide a number of Brief Services such as distributing forms and commissioning and notarizing documents related to "clinic law" matters.

The Clinic is also involved in Community Development and Law Reform activities which relate to our clients' needs.


A Clinic lawyer attends all Landlord and Tenant Board Tribunal hearings in Owen Sound and Port Elgin to provide free Duty Counsel services to tenants. Call the Clinic for further information.

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